Ikons consists of six musicians and one video artist. Strangely, I didn’t know these boys from before, even though they too are from Gothenburg, we share musical and political views, and support the same football team. It was Kalle at the Stockholm record shop Pet Sounds who directed me to a few of their older tracks on the web, which I immediately connected to, and signed the band.
A long process started; to refine their musical identity and produce an album that would transfer the repetitive and transcendent sounds of their hypnotic live shows.
In the production we steered away from muscles and slow building dynamics, in order to create an elegant and majestic flowing sound form: powerful but frictionless, in constant movement. D. Lissvik from the band Studio, and A. Palmestål from PistolDisco mixed the album, which was released in April.
Ikons’ sonic journey starts off at galactic dawn, landing in high-speed adventure on an uncharted planet. When reaching our destination, it turns out to be within ourselves. Something we recognise as ‘human’.”

–Ola Borgström



Sobre Felipe Lins
Onde eu nasci passa um rio.

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